Welcome to “Landlord on the Side,” a new blog all about my journey as a landlord and residential property manager “on the side.” What does “on the side” mean? Well, I have a 9-5 day job! My foray into landlording began as a way to add supplemental income to my wife any my finances. My goal with the blog is to tell all about my real-life experiences, successes, failures, and basically all the trails and tribulations of learning on the job, how to be a Landlord.

First, a little about myself: I’m 36, married, with one daughter who is not quite 2 years old. We live in Baltimore, Maryland and currently own 3 rental houses in the area that we self-manage. I also manage 3 additional properties for friends, also in the city. The blog posts will go into not only the current, real-time issues that pop up with all 6 of these rentals, but also past experiences.

So again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the journey!

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